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There is a great variety of ways that psychologists teach this course. I've established this syllabus exchange in order to illustrate the diversity of courses that are available. If you are a college student, this collection will help you to learn what you may expect in a psychology of religion course. If you are an instructor, you may also get some ideas for your own course. You also will learn a great deal from the reading lists that are part of each syllabus. I only wish that I had the time to sit in on each of these courses! I want to thank each of the people who have shared their expertise. If you teach a similar course and would like to have your syllabus listed here, please send me a copy of your syllabus. I'll take it as a computer file (WordPerfect, Word, or ascii text), or as a "hard copy."

Michael E. Nielsen, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA 30460-8041

First, here is a link to my class page, where my students can find syllabi and other materials for my classes that deal with psychology and religion. At this point in time, I have syllabi from my Experimental Social Psychology class, which examined social psychological aspects of religion, and my Psychology of Religion class.

The Syllabi

The syllabi are listed in order of the instructor's last name. The institution, course number and other identifying information are also listed. As you may see, the list is growing. If you teach a course related to psychology and religion, please send me a copy of your syllabus. Contact me for more information!

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