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Index of Psychology of Religion Syllabi

Psychologists teach Psychology of Religion courses in a great variety of ways. I established this syllabus exchange in order to illustrate the diversity of courses that are available. If you are a college student, this collection will help you to learn what you may expect in a psychology of religion course. If you are an instructor, you may also get some ideas for your own course. You also will learn a great deal from the reading lists that are part of each syllabus. I only wish that I had the time to sit in on each of these courses! I want to thank each of the people who have shared their expertise. Each of the links leads to a copy of a courses syllabus here on my site. These are now old (dating from the 1994-2004 time when this site was put together) but they may still contain useful ideas for instructors, so they are left here in the archive for your use and enjoyment.

Michael E. Nielsen, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA 30460-8041

Formatting these documents for the www has changed them from the original, and in cases where I've retyped them from a hard copy, there may be unintentional typographical errors. In some instances, it is easier to read the document if you print it rather than view it on your computer monitor.

First, here is a link to my class page [also circa 2004], where my students can find syllabi and some other materials for my classes that deal with psychology and religion. At this point in time, I have syllabi from two kinds of classes. In my psychology of religion classes, I used the book by Hood, Spilka, Hunsberger and Gorsuch, during the Fall 1999 semester. I have taught the class using books by James and Paloutzian; an example of this is found in my syllabus from the Spring, 1997 Psychology of Religion Course.

I also periodically focus my Experimental Social Psychology course on an aspects of religion. This syllabus from the Spring, 1997 course is an example.

The Syllabi

The syllabi are listed in order of the instructor's last name. The institution, course number and other identifying information are also listed. As you may see, the list is growing. If you teach a course related to psychology and religion, please send me a copy of your syllabus. Contact me for more information!

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