Communication at your Fingertips

What did students do before the age of the internet? They tell me that there was something out there called the library, but Iím reluctant to believe such a fanciful notion! All jokes aside, whilst many other subjects have been enhanced by the accessibility that the internet allows to otherwise obscure texts, thereís one field of study thatís undergone a massive metamorphosis thanks to the potential of online possibilities Ė and thatís language learning.

The online opportunities allowed by the internet permit students to access virtually all the languages of the world! Now language learners neednít be restricted by the limited selection of languages taught by the professors at local colleges, universities and private institutes. With the wonders of the world wide web, language students can learn any language, any timeÖ and any where! All thatís required is an internet connection, and students can be in real-time contact with their language teacher. Furthermore, this allows a degree of professionalism never before experienced, as students can be assured to find teachers with a combination of experience in classroom teaching and expertise in web-based tuition.

If you want to learn French, why not learn from a mother-tongue French speaker living in Paris, Bordeaux or even Montreal via online French courses? Or if German catches your fancy, take your pick between learning from a local living in Germany, Switzerland or Austria in online German courses! For online English courses the choice is yours Ė would you prefer a teacher from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia or even South Africa or New Zealand?

The range of online language courses is as comprehensive as it is interesting, and many students have taken the opportunity to master their language skills with online Italian courses and online Spanish courses. Another great thing about learning online is that there are a lot of language learner study hints and tips available from various websites, as well as interactive quizzes and downloadable podcasts. The internet allows a language learner so much more interactivity than can be found in a library. Itís just up to you to take advantage of these chances!

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