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Selected Web Sites

containing Career and Graduate School Information of interest to Psychology Majors

This section contains an annotated list of selected web sites containing information about careers and graduate school that will be helpful to psychology majors.

Career Exploration, Career Information, Career-Planning, Job Listings

CareerJournal Site sponsored by the Wall Street Journal;  inclues a wealth of practical information about careers--e.g. salaries, job-hunting advice, cover letters and resumes, interviewing tips, etc.

CareerRookie A web site powered by CareerBuilder and geared to college students seeking their first job. Check out the section on internships, where you can search by city, state, or internship category.

Careers in Includes "information about psychology careers, psychology education, psychology internships, and psychology jobs, as well as licensure information"

College Affordability Guide This site evaluates the cost to get into various colleges and also "the cost to get out" including percentage of students completing their degrees, getting a job, and paying off their student loans. This site bills itself as "The #1 entry-level job site." Key sections include "Job Preparation" (explores careers, résumés, and cover letters), "Job Searching" (advice and posting résumés), and Offers (salary, negotiating, and new job advice). You can also search for internships here. To find jobs in counseling, look under the "professional and technical" category.

Job Sites: Job Search: CareerOneStop A portal to the web sites of the public employment service agencies of each state

Linda Walsh's home page A fine site containing graduate school and career information developed by Dr. Linda Walsh at the University of Northern Iowa

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH] A guide to every occupation in the U.S.; occupational profiles include the nature of each job and its working conditions, educational requirements, employment outlook, and earnings prospects (you can search for specific occupations at this site). You can also find information about job and workforce trends here. Below are direct links to three occupations: a sub-page that describes the work of counselors (master's- and doctoral-level), a sub-page that describes the work of psychologists (PhD level), a sub-page that describes the work of social workers (if you are interested in clinical social work, see the paragraph on "mental health and substance abuse social workers")

The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet A very useful site containing hundreds of annotated links regarding almost any topic related to employment and careers (developed by career expert Margaret F. Dikel) A site where you can check out median salaries for a variety of occupations at different experience levels and in different geographical areas and compare these to national averages. You will probably be able get all the information you need for free, but you can also pay (a lot) for a customized salary report.

U.S. Department of Labor Many links for work-related information such as salaries and legal concerns in the workplace (protection against sexual harassment, etc.)

Graduate and Professional School Information A site run by Dr. John Bear and Mariah Bear, authors of Bear’s Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning; it can help you evaluate distance learning programs. (Note: I continue to believe that the best educational experiences are obtained at residential colleges and universities. Nonetheless, I recognize that distance learning programs may be the only educational options available to some students, so I am including this site to help these students evaluate these programs.)

Graduate School and Careers in Psychology An excellent source of information developed by Dr. John Suler at Rider University

Graduate Training Programs in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Related Fields Provides useful information about a number of doctoral-level programs in industrial/organizational psychology as well as graduate programs in related business fields--e.g., human resource management, organizational behavior, industrial and labor relations

GRE Online A site developed by the Educational Testing Service that provides useful information about the Graduate Record Examination, including sample test questions and how to order free GRE publications online

Online Psychology Career Center A sub-page of an outstanding site developed by Dr. Scott Plous at Wesleyan University with very helpful information on a key topics related to graduate school (there is a also a link to a sub-page for graduate students).

Peterson's Graduate Planner, Student Edition Peterson's Guide site where you can find universities that offer graduate degrees in all fields (psychology, education, social work, etc.)

Organizations in Psychology and Related Fields

American Psychological Association - Students A sub-page on the APA web site that contains useful resources for undergraduate majors and graduate students; On the organizations sub-page, you can find information about Psi Chi (the national honor society in psychology at four-year schools), Psi Beta (the national honor society in psychology at two-year schools), or APA’s Association for Graduate Students in Psychology (APAGS). On the Books for students sub-page, you can purchase a copy of Graduate Study in Psychology as well as some other APA books of interest to students.

Association for Psychological Science - Student Caucus A sub-page on the APS web site with useful resources for graduate students. Undergraduate majors will find helpful information on the undergraduate sub-page. The undergraduate update sub-page contains articles written by (typically) graduate students on topics of interest to undergraduates who are considering attending graduate school in psychology.

National Association of Social Workers - Profession A sub-page on the web site of the National Association of Social Workers that describes career options in social work. Also, at the bottom of this page, you will find a link to the on-line publication, Choices, which gives more and/or different information about social work careers. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Choices sub-page. If you are interested in clinical social work, go to "Part 2 - Mental Health/Clinical Social Work."

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