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More programs in forensic psychology

[Updated 2007/06/03. The on-line brochure "Forensic Psychology Programs" is based on a copyrighted brochure from The American Psychology-Law Society, Division 41 of the APA. Several programs not included in that brochure have been brought to our attention and are listed on this page.]

Dawn Sheehan wrote with this information:

Miami Institute of Psychology

The Miami Institue of Psychology's Psy.D programs with concentrations in forensic, clinical neuropsychology, and general practice are accredited by the APA. The programs are specifically designed to focus on cultural differences and the implications of those differences. You may want to call the institute and have some information sent to you (305) 593-1223.

 This is my first semester in the Psy.D forensic program, and am pleased with my decision to attend.

Jennier Swangler wrote to us about an online program:

University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota is excited to launch what we believe is the first ONLINE Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology degree program from a nationally-recognized, fully-accredited university. We know that Forensic Psychology is a rapidly growing specialty area of psychology, and we hope that it might be of interest to those who access your website.

  Dr. Stephen Golding notified us of his university's program:

University of Utah

The Psychology Department offers an APA-approved degree in Clinical Psychology with the opportunity to specialize in forensic clinical psychology. The degree requirements allow ample opportunity to specialize in psychology and law, and close working relationships exist with the College of Law, the Department of Psychiatry, the Division of Mental Health and the Forensic Unit at the Utah State Hospital. Contact Professor Stephen Golding, Department of Psychology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 84112. Telephone: 801-581-8028. E-mail

  Thanks to these correspondents for the added information!


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