alt.out-of-body Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Jouni A. Smed, November, 1994.

[Editor's note: This FAQ was produced by Jouni during his undergraduate years. I have lost touch with Jouni and do not know if he is "into" OBEs any more or whether the OBE usenet groups still exist or still produce FAQs. Personally, I regard OBEs as hallucinatory experiences, albeit a type which obviously fascinates many people. Jouni obviously put a lot of work into this, and I am pleased to present it without further editorial comment this interesting historic document. --RD]


This FAQ would not have come into being without the aid of Gary S. Trujillo. In particular his proofreading and suggestions have been invaluable.


  • "What is this alt.out-of-body newsgroup?"
  • "What is an out-of-the-body experience?"
  • "What are ESP, PK and psi?"
  • "What theories have been put forward to account for the OBE?"
  • "What is an astral projection?"
  • "Is astral projection an adequate explanation?"
  • "What is animism?"
  • "Can the OBEer be seen as an apparition?"
  • "How can one find out what an OBE is like?"
  • "What is an average astral projection like?"
  • "What is an average OBE like?"
  • "How common are OBEs?"
  • "What are the prerequisites for inducing an OBE?"
  • "How to induce an OBE?"
  • "What are lucid dreams?"
  • "What is the physiology of dreams and lucid dreams?"
  • "What is the physiology of OBEs?"
  • "What are near-death experiences and are they some kind of OBEs?"
  • "Is the OBE some kind of mental illness?"
  • "Are people who have greater imagery skills more likely to have OBEs?"
  • "Are OBEs some kind of hallucination?"
  • "What are the features of OB vision?"
  • "How can the OBE be explained?"
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