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This document is intended to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions on alt.dreams and alt.dreams.lucid. **It does not claim to be authoritative.** Some answers are controversial. Discussion over controversial topics about dreaming is always welcome. Don't let the fact that a topic is discussed in this FAQ discourage you from posting about it at all - the purpose of the FAQ is just to cut down on easily-answered questions that occur often.

This document was compiled by Olaf Titz <>, to whom questions, error corrections, suggestions for improvements etc about this documents should be directed. [If that email address from 1995 is valid, it would be amazing. You can write to me if you want to. See the bottom of this page. --RD] Most answers are summaries of statements posted on alt.dreams by various people.

This document is now split into four parts for convenience and for clear distinction of the various sources. Part one and two are general information written into prose by me with some help from others. Part three is the original older Lucid Dreaming FAQ by Lynne Levitan. Part four is mostly collected quoted input from a large number of contributors. Many thanks to all who have helped to compile these thoughts.

The particular order of sections is a result of several reorganizations and renumberings and as such somewhat chaotic. I don't claim any special meaning in this order and in the cuts between sections.

This is posted biweekly on alt.dreams, alt.dreams.lucid, alt.answers, news.answers and is available from the archive at /pub/usenet/news.answers.
Sun Jan 22 22:05:07 GMT+0100 1995

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