Why do I keep dreaming the same thing over and over?

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Why do I keep dreaming the same thing over and over?

A. Recurrent dreams are a sign of thoughts that occupy the dreamer much, consciously or unconsciously. Such thoughts have influence on the dreams and they are often remembered better than "random" dreams since you somewhat know of their importance. Sometimes those dreams are unpleasant, a sign or symbol of some conflict situation that you still have to overcome. Ask yourself what the dream signifies - probably you can interpret it better than anybody else, since you are the one who knows yourself best.

Of course, there are also nice recurring dreams. Some people build their own dream world which they explore, meeting friends there etc. Some claim they are in fact entering a different world (cf. sections 4 and 5), others attribute this to rememberances of old dreams creating new ones. At first, it's up to yourself to believe a reason or another. For either one, probably the most important thing is that you - again - take these dreams as valuable for looking at yourself.

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