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By Olaf Titz

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2004 Introduction by Russ Dewey

The Dream FAQ by Olaf Titz is a document from the early days of the web, 1995, when usenet groups were a popular means of exchanging ideas. This was before the days of "bots" automatically roaming the usenet groups collecting email addresses for spam. These days, few people put their actual, accurate e-mail addresses onto usenet pages. Because people change jobs and locations (and because any valid email address on these pages is being spammed to death) you can expect that most people with email addresses on these pages have long since changed them.

I have reviewed these pages while updating them during 2004. I found a few factual inaccuracies and many lost opportunities to supply brief, useful snippets of information. I have inserted editorial comments in italics throughout. The usenet group alt.dreams should have a modern, updated version of the Dream FAQ without my editorial comments. One handy way to access usenet group postings is via, now owned by Google, which maintains a searchable archive of all usenet group postings.

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